Will NLP Hypnosis by the Fire Pit Solve My OCD?

It used to be that I would only have to line my shoes up perfectly prior to watching a movie. I don”t know where this habit came from, but it”s annoying. The problem is that I can”t watch a movie without lining up my shoes. My order cialis online from canada wife tells me to

try it, which I have, but it leads to lack of enjoyment, which defeats the purpose of watching a movie. She claims that I have a lot messed up in my life, so I need everything to be perfect when I enter a fantasy world (movie). But, she”s not a psychologist. If anyone is going to psychoanalyze and prescribe themselves with an action or medication, it it”s going to be me. Stubborn, I know, but I can”t afford a real psychologist on a consistent basis. Who can?

Since we have had a fire pit outside for several years, I figured I”d take full advantage of it. It”s not that we haven”t taken advantage of it in the past. We have had many great nights of sitting back with a glass of wine and talking about memorable moments in our lives. But as time has gone on and stresses have increased, we have used the fire pit less and less. Sad, but true. And probably true for many other people as well.

Having recently read about NLP hypnosis, I figured I”d give it a shot. I”m definitely on the skeptical side, but when there”s potential to solve a problem without having to pay a doctor, I”m all over it. And, by the way, this goes well beyond lining up shoes. When I exit the car, I have to check every door to make sure they”re locked, even though I already know they”re locked. And at night, I have to turn the fan on in the bathroom while I let the faucet run for three casino online seconds before putting my hands underneath the water. I then have to dry the front and back of my hands on a hand towel without picking up the towel. These might sound silly, but Howard Hughes had similar silly problems at a young age. As he got older, his problems worsened. Many people feel it had a lot to do with his death.

In attempt to cure my OCD on my own, I have been sitting out at the fire pit by myself while using NLP hypnosis. I focus on connecting my subconscious with reality. I have tried this with a lit fire pit and an unlit fire pit. I think I have made a little progress, but it”s tough to tell. It”s not like taking a test and getting actual results. I have cured the shoe issue by moving them into another room an hour prior to watching a movie. I just don”t know if this could have been done the whole

time or if this is a result of sitting out at the fire pit while using NLP hypnosis. I guess it should be looked at as progress. It”s certainly not regression.

I”m hoping for an OCD-less future. I”m hoping for an OCD-less future. I had to write that twice (part of the problem).

Geoffrey F. Moore

Author: Geoffrey Moore
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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