Working your Mindset Magic!

Here are some tips to help you to overcome your anxiety, stress worry and fear.

The important thing to remember is that YOU are in control of your mind, not the other way around.

You have the power to train or retrain your thinking at any time to work for you and not against you, there are various specific techniques suggested via my posts, ebooks, articles and videos on and

Below are some suggestions to alleviate your stress and anxiety further.

Please read, pick your favourite and practise that, then move onto another and then another, until you can regularly alternate them.

Meaning that you remain calmer and happier!

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  • Sing a song, it helps you breathe better and distracts you from the terror of a panic attack. (Belt it out if you can…)
  • Exercise regularly, learn relaxation techniques which are effective at reducing stress.
  • Sleep in complete sleep cycles. Ample sleep is absolutely a must to recuperate, repair and re-energise the body and mind. Sleep deprivation will negatively affect your mood when awake, if you have trouble sleeping perhaps listen to a relaxation MP3/CD or visualisation via youtube, use lavender or other natural remedies to aid sleeping, make your bedroom a room for rest only, no TV or computers.
  • If your anxiety or panic attack excalates to the point where you have been or feel like youre going to  throw up, take a medium hot bath wearing a t-shirt or towel. This helps to make you feel comforted and safe. Relax and sit in there as long as you need. If you can, lay back and gently lower your face until your ears are underneath the water and just listen face up to your breathing with your eyes closed, this can really calm you quickly. Be slow and gentle you get out, take it easy. Best advice is to go to sleep or for a lie down afterwards.
  • Natural remedies can help enormously with anxiety. Perhaps spray pure lavender oil mixed with water on a handkerchief. (Keep on hand in your pocket) The oils in the lavender help soothe and calm during an anxiety attack. There are other natural oils and herbs that can be used.
  • Try sipping a cup of chamomile tea or hot chocolate or hot milk in the evening to calm you, avoid fizzy drinks, caffeine and nicotine as they are stimulants and increase anxiety.
  • If you are anxious and panicky late at night, pace around the room and breathe in and out deeply to the count of 4/7.Put on relaxing music to soothe your mind.
  • Talk to someone who can help you overcome your anxiety, reach out and ask for help from the relevant people, Doctor, GP, Therapist, Coach, Supportive friend or family member, The Samaritans – someone who will listen and can positive affect your state of mind.
  • Experiment with different aspects of calming your anxiety, using relaxation techniques, exercise, cognitive skills, introducing new habits, natural remedies, self-help are just a few examples of what you can practise to overcome your anxiety.

Help is always at hand as the expression goes, remember no man (or woman) is an island, if you are struggling and cannot overcome your anxiety yourself then please ask for help. There is great strength in showing vulnerability to others – remember that.

So practise, practise, practise!

T Harv Eker says ‘Practise makes permanent!’

Practise now to make anxiety a permanent thing of your past…..


To a calmer you,

Loran Northey

I look forward to hearing how you calmed yourself and now have a better wellbeing due to moving more and exercising your anxiety away!
Please let me know how you get on by commenting on this post, sending an email, or commenting on Twitter or Facebook.