When we are around children of a certain age – WHY is the question that we dread to be asked!

WHY? But why? WHY? Aaaaaargh…….

However, it”s absolutely the guiding question for everything we do and instead of dreading it we should be continually embracing and asking it to ourselves – WHY?

Our WHY is the reason that we do anything in life, much as we do not want to admit it we are all in continual “what”s in it for me” mode, meaning that WHY we do anything, is the key.

Our why”s are strongly entwined with our values

and our values guide our thinking and therefore our actions and behaviours.

If we value something we focus upon it, it”s important to us. We have a why for doing or having it. for example, we may value friendship because it makes us feel loved and creates a feeling of belonging. Our why is because it makes us feel good.

So what”s your WHY? Why do you do what you do and have what you have?

Think about it and is it helpful, your current WHY? Do you have what you want in life, have you even thought about it?

Sometimes society programmes us into thinking “we get what we get” or “this is our lot” or “these are the cards I”ve been deal” in life, but its simply not true.

Anyone and everyone can change their circumstance by firstly deciding that they want to and then secondly, deciding on their WHY and what it is that they actually want out of life.

If you have achieved everything in life that you want good for you, keep doing what you are doing, if not, perhaps ask yourself the following questions.

So what is your Why?

For what reason am I here?
What”s my purpose?
If I had a gift to share, what would it be?
If I could do something differently, what would it be?
If I had a massive WHY, what would it be?
What is important to me?
What can”t I do without in life?
What makes me light up just thinking about it?
What is more important to me than anything else?
If I could create my dream life what would I be, do and have in life?

To help to get yourself get even more clarity on the answers that you are looking for, ask:

For what do you want to be remembered?
What would you do if you already had millions in the bank?
What is the biggest change you”d like to see on the planet?
What makes your blood boil and you know you could do it better?
What legacy would you like to leave for future generations to benefit from?
Is there something you”ve experienced that you want to make sure others don”t have to go through?
What do you believe is the purpose of life, what are you here to contribute?
If you could use just one word to summarise who you are and what you stand for what would it be? This might be freedom, love, humour, inspiration, learning.

Once you”ve got clarity on what you want and why, the next question is “What”s one thing I can do now to get a step nearer to

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my dream life?”

Remember: Get clarity on your WHY and the how will sort itself out.

Good luck and remember just asking the questions will allow you to come up with the right answers, the trick then is to act on them!

🙂 Loran Northey